Visualize the Debt at Indiana University!

YAL at IU was eager to set up our display for Visualize the Debt this Wenesday after being rained out earlier in the week.

Visualize the Debt from YAL @ IU on Vimeo.

We set up our huge debt clock on the corner of a busy intersection that gets heavy car and foot traffic.


We also had a graph showing the debt’s growth from 1940. Our treasurer Jordan Inman was shocked:


In addition, we made a large print of this great infographic available here on the YALiberty site and tacked it to a piece of plywood:



To attract attention to our display, we chalked “What do YOU owe?” on the sidewalk with arrows leading in our direction.

In general we received great responses from students. Many expressed their own concern about our growing debt, and so many asked us questions about how we got into this mess and how we could get out. It’s a wonderful day when students approach you and give you the opportunity to educate.


We handed out these double sided flyers featuring the popular pie visual one side and an invoice on the other:



The Philosophy of Liberty palm cards were a fantastic tool!


This man and foreign student walked by, and the student asked the man what it was about and why the US is in so much debt:


We had a great time, and such a giant display really prompted questions from curious student. Rock on, YAL!

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