Visualize the Debt at Northern Kentucky University

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Members of the NKU YAL chapter educated their students on the national debt. We set up our debt clock in front of the student union, one of the most high traffic areas on campus. During this week, we tabled while holding the event through lunch while the most students were on campus. We distributed literature to all students passing and engaged interested students.

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Our members discussed possible consequences and solutions to our country’s debt problem. We invited interested students to sign up to receive emails from our chapter and to attend a meeting after the last day of tabling. At the chapter meeting, we featured a screening of the documentary I.O.U.S.A..


Above, Chapter members Ken Howard, Mac Payton, Tristan Wolfe, and Sarah Poe.

Overall, this event was a success for the NKU chapter as their first activism event held after becoming an official YAL chapter.

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