Visualize the Debt at Regent University

The chapter at Regent University, in a heroic effort, broadcasted the national debt for the students of Regent University to gaze upon. 

As the cars rolled by, the YAL members stood daring against the turbulent wind. Students turned their heads to lock eyes with the angst of the YAL passion. Displayed beneath them, was an enormously long poster board. When gazing upon this board, some looked upon it with wonder and others with horror as they realized the implications of the number. 

As students approached us, they sought wisdom from the YAL members. None left without an answer as students were made aware of the problem of the national debt, how much personally each students owes, and what are the implications of an ever increasing national debt. One student commented, “Why do you guys have such a huge poster board? You should make it smaller.” To which the YAL chapter replied, “Why do we have such a huge debt? We should probably make it smaller”. 

It was a great day and another victory for Liberty. 

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