Visualize the Debt — USU Chapter (Utah State University, Logan, UT)

We the Young Americans for Liberty–USU Chapter held a Visualize the Debt activity on USU Campus March 31-April 1st.

We at USU received 129 signatures  on a brief but poignant petition. These were received in a mere 10 hours of tabling on campus. This was our best event thus far! We only got yelled at once or twice.  🙂

Our follow-up event will be a Tax Day Speech held on USU Campus, TSC Auditorium, by Constitutional Scholar Scott Bradley, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. on Friday, April 15th.

The painted boards read “U.S. National Debt …$14,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx (whatever the number was) Ugly, isn’t it?!” We used ugly old boards and brown paint, so it really was ugly!

We were featured in both the USU Statesman — the campus newspaper, and the Herald Journal — the local city newspaper, as well as being film interviewed by an independent reporter. We have not received his final product yet, but will report it to you when we do.

The sunburn we received from these sunny days was well worth it! Thank you, YAL National, for encouraging this event. It was a huge success.

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