Visualizing the Debt at CU Boulder

cu yal debt clock

The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Colorado hosted a “Visualize the Debt” event on our campus to raise awareness of our country’s out of control spending!

We managed to set up their debt clock on the quad in the middle of campus, impossible to ignore for the thousands of students that walk by daily. To accompany the debt clock, we distributed hundreds of “Bernanke Bucks” to highlight the inflation that is constantly devaluing our currency and spread information about their club to people that passed by.

The burden of this debt falls upon the shoulders of our generation, so its time we actually do something about it; merely lower future budget increases won’t work- we need to make some serious budget cuts.

Although there were a few progressives concerned that lowering federal spending would lead to increased inequality, the student body’s reaction was generally positive. Myles Fraser, our Chapter President, observed that “A lot of students came up saying that they were surprised that other people cared about this kind of thing at a school with as liberal of a reputation as CU. They were enthusiastic about getting involved, and I look forward to working with them in the future to make a difference here in Colorado.”

cu yal bernanke bucks

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