Visualizing the Debt with Ron Paul at NC State

Report from Brady Nemeth, chapter president of YAL at NC State:

At NC State, we had the fortunate experience of using the debt clock to segue in to our event where we hosted Ron Paul.

RP Debt Sign 4

RP Debt Sign 3

We had already been tabling prior to having the debt clock, but the debt clock certainly caught more eyes, and you could hear conversations starting about what exactly we were doing. We used that buzz to hand out flyers for the event, and to discuss the issue of our national debt, and how it isn’t going to be solved be keeping the welfare/warfare state alive. Since we only had a few weeks to put the event with Ron together, we were still getting people who had no idea about the event, but were happy to see us helping to advance liberty both on campus and in the community.

RP Debt Sign 2

RP Debt Sign 1

RP Debt Sign

We have only had one main “official” meeting since the event to go over our upcoming plans, and we picked up several more students, with a handful who weren’t able to make it out that night, but were excited to help out. I suspect we’ll have even more at the end-of-the-year meeting where we look forward to next semester. Many of these new students seem to have been hungry for quite some time to find a group like ours, and the debt clock, along with the Ron Paul event served as a great catalyst for the chapter. The “3am” types will be indispensable in growing our group, and I’m glad that we picked more up.

Also, check out the student newspaper at NC State’s article about the RP event.

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