Visualizing the Massive Debt at Georgia Tech

Last Thursday and Friday, YAL at Georgia Tech woke up bright and early and carried 23 massive sheets of plywood half a mile to the center of campus. The plywood, of course, was our huge physical (and not easily ignored) debt clock.

Lots of people stopped by our “territory” those two days (after all, we took up an entire half of Skiles Walkway, one of the most traffic-heavy areas on campus) and we were able to talk to them about the national debt and why they should care about it. Our YAL chapter is relatively new and this event was an excellent opportunity getting our name out there and making sure that students knew we existed. 

The weekend prior, a couple of our members who were free went out to buy the supplies and do the painting work. We had a lot of fun meeting some of the newer members who turned out, figuring out how to use a paint roller properly, laughing at libertarian memes, and of course talking about the debt.

The number we painted was already long outdated when we finished, but preparing and running our Visualize the Debt event was extremely rewarding for our chapter. We got much-needed attention and our members were able to directly engage in activism and promoting the cause of liberty on campus.

Check out our Facebook page for photos!

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