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I’m excited to announce my participation in Voices of Liberty, Ron Paul’s latest initiative to spread the message of freedom! Through Voices of Liberty, users will engage with and become involved in the biggest stories from throughout the liberty movement.

The contributors so far include Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Jesse Ventura, and Tom Woods. It is truly an honor to be included among them!

Want to learn more about why I got involved? Check out my first post at Voices of Liberty by clicking here! In the post, I explain a bit about why I feel this is an important project:

Dr. Paul’s presidential runs were significant in that they provided the liberty movement with a united front. I am glad to see that Voices of Liberty will now be extending that front well beyond Dr. Paul’s campaigns. In politics ideas are important, but ideas mean nothing if we do not present them in an organized, appealing, and convincing manner — thus my participation in this new endeavor. By combining voices from throughout the liberty movement, we should be able to create something truly special.

Check out the rest of my first post here, and learn about the other Voices here!

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