Voluntary Association, Individual Optimization

Our battle is not simply one between competing political ideologies and policy decisions. Instead, our fight extends far beyond political implications into the very heart of this nation’s true issue:  a failure in philosophical doctrine.

While our opponents rest with the philosophy of forced altruism, the idea that says people should be required to sacrifice themselves to benefit their fellow man, we rest on the side of individualism. We support the idea that the state can’t require support of anyone but oneself — one’s own needs, convictions, and personal efficiency without obligation to anyone with whom he doesn’t voluntarily associate.

However, our philosophy does not apply solely to individuals, but also corporations, businesses seeking to make a profit for themselves and not their competitors.

This provocative article displays the struggle one of these corporations — Apple Computer, Inc. — to do what is personally best for it rather than succumbing to the will and desires of those who only seek to exploit it.

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