Wake Forest YAL… Doin’ Work!

We’ve been a little busy here at Wake Forest YAL. Here’s what’s up:
On the infamous tax day, Wake Forest Young Americans for Liberty hosted a demonstration and petition against the bailouts, so called “stimulus” packages, and the harmful income tax imposed on the American people by the IRS. This was all a part of the much larger Tax Day Coalition and other events by the Wake Forest Chapter. [click on any photo for enlarged version]

(Yes, Elliot is wearing the Gadsden Cape... It's the newest fad!)

In other news, really good news, Wake Forest YAL’s progress on Congressman Paul speaking at Wake on April 20th, 2009 is speeding away. YES! Weekly, the Triad’s most popular publication, recently published their latest edition with some advertisement for our event. Yep, press-releases and following them up with phone calls do, in fact, pay off!

We can’t even begin to say how much we have put into this event and what the broader and much greater implications are for the first time a YAL chapter hosts Dr. Paul; thanks to all those who made this possible! [continued-click below]

I think we’ve slept a total of about 9 cumulative hours this entire week. To illustrate, let’s put it this way: Three 10X20′ banners, two-hundred 11X17″ fliers, twenty-five 2X3′ balloon posters, over one-thousand regular fliers with 20 sweet designs, quarter page fliers that we put under every student’s and professor’s doors on campus, 1500 YAL stickers, hundreds of event t-shirts, 2,000 event programs, and much, much more; plus, all the aforementioned is just the on campus promotion! We’re busy, no lie.

Wake YAL hard at work making balloon posters for Dr. Paul's speech at Wake Forest University on April 20th, 2009.

If you’re in the good ol’ south on 4/20, come out! It’s going to be a blast! The doors are set to open to Wait Chapel at WFU beginning at 7:00 PM and all campus lots are available for free parking to the extremely free (pun intended) event. Again, check out our first post on the event here and feel free to ChipIn for the event as well.

Finally, as if that is not enough, a little blue bird told me that we might just premeir the highly anticipated YAL National version of the “I Pledge” video before Dr. Paul speaks at Wake… Get ready, 4/20 is right around the corner-wish us luck!

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