Wake YAL Talks about the Fed and Kittens

I gave a talk at the April 8 meeting of Wake YAL on the Federal Reserve entitled “A Case Against the Federal Reserve,” of which the video is posted below.  My goal was to simply lay out two base arguments against the Federal Reserve — that it is a root cause of the disastrous boom-bust cycle, and that it is antithetical to freedom.  I finished up the talk with a brief question and answer session.  I definitely am a writer, and not a public speaker, so please excuse my natural goofiness and erratic train of thought.  I’ve divided the talk up into three short parts for convenience’s sake.

Part 1 – Origins of the Fed, Boom-Bust Cycle: 

Part 2 – The Fed and Freedom, Inflation as a Tax: 

Part 3 – Follow-up, Question and Answer Session: 

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