Walls and Protests at Washington State University

It was a very eventful past week at our beloved school on the Paluose! Washington State University was home to a controversial demonstration put on by College Republicans. This organization built a mock “Trump Wall” at heart of campus outside the Student Union Building. This demonstration sparked outrage among Young Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and several other student organizations on campus.

On Wednesday, October 19, hundreds of students flocked to the Terrell Friendship Mall to voice their opinions that would be heard all across Washington State. I am proud to say that Young Americans for Liberty was at the very center of it…quite literally. Our chapter decided that this event would be perfect to let students participate in free speech by having our Free Speech Ball. Our students made sure to push the massive beach volleyball right to the middle of the protesters and allow everyone to participate in writing their thoughts on the volleyball! It was incredible to see the response from all the students around us. At the end of the day the ball was covered with hundreds of offensive phrases, social statements, and hearts! It was so exciting to watch all of these students become excited to share their opinions.

Since then, I have had multiple students walk up to me and ask me if I was with the group with “the giant speech ball” just to thank our group for what we are doing. We not only got attention from students on campus, but we were mentioned in the major newspaper in Spokane, Washington, the closest major city to Pullman.

All in all this was a very exciting event and I am proud to say that I was a part of it!

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