Walter Block at Princeton University

Last month, the Princeton chapter of YAL coordinated with the Princeton Libertarians. We brought Austro-economist and anarcho-capitalist political theorist Walter Block to campus. No liberals freaked out.
There was no protest, paint, or outrage. There was also no media coverage, no national headlines, and no crowd of hundreds. Just 20 people in a room with a quirky old professor presenting a morally and intellectually consistent philosophy of liberty. There was healthy discussion at the event. Objections were raised and addressed in a civil and friendly manner, and everyone walked away in a good mood.

Dr. Block discussed the political philosophy he laid out in his 1976 book Defending the Undefendable in which he applies the Non-Aggression Principle to a number of controversial topics. He argues that even those who engage in activities we might find immoral deserve the same right of freedom so long as their activities do not include using force upon other people or taking their property.
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