Walter Block Visits Indiana!

Dr. Walter BlockGoing to college is quite an experience for most young people. They are exploring themselves within the realm of ideas and challenging the sacrosanct conventions of their youth. When I started attending Indiana University-Kokomo, it seemed like there was a barrage of state worship from the left and right. We were taught that the state could handle any problem if we JUST had the right person in charge. Of course, this is both historically and theoretically wrong.  It took just one weekend at the Mises Institute to change my world view hearing from such speakers as Walter Block, Tom Dilorenzo, Tom Woods, and Ralph Raico.

These speakers challenge one’s most basic assumptions, but in a totally different way than their statist counterparts. Instead of the practice of state worship, they preach individualism and spontaneous order through natural market mechanisms. These ideas are unpopular in higher education, an industry which is heavily subsidized, regulated, and controlled by the state. These heroic speakers, instead of calling for more education subsidies and then praising the state through their academic pontifications, call for more freedom — even in the ducation market — and less government interference in our personal and public lives.

Young Americans for Liberty at IU Kokomo, Purdue, and IUPUI are pleased to announce that we are bringing a bit of the Mises experience home with us to Indiana. Dr. Walter Block has agreed to speak at three different locations here in Indiana for the cost of a single location. In order to cover his expenses and honorarium, we are asking that 100 people donate at least 20 dollars to this event. We have already raised a significant amount of money but we are not done yet.  You can contribute to this important project here.

Dr. Walter Block earned his PhD from Columbia University and has a VC longer than most undergraduates compositional undertakings. He has appeared on numerous TV shows and has written prolifically for numerous academic journals including the American Journal of Political Science, Business and Professional Ethics Journal, International Journal of Social Economics, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, and the list literally goes on and on. For more info about Dr. Block himself just visit

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