Want to create some awesome t-shirts for your chapter?

After a personal hiatus, I’d like report that I’m back to liberty activism and I’ve come away from CPAC 2011 with an exciting new plan!

A while back I’d created a program to help YAL chapters inexepensively create unique shirts for their chapters and get myself an awesome liberty wardrobe in the process.  Here are a couple of the results:

back2   front1

back   Front

My new plan is similar:  I’ll donate $20 to YAL National and $20 to an individual chapter as seed money for creating their own shirts if they meet a few simple guidelines.Here are the rules:

  1. The front must include the YAL eagle, the name of your college, and “Young Americans for Liberty.”
  2. The back should have an excellent, uncommon quote from a founder, Austrian economist, or other thinker friendly to liberty.  It should be attention-grabbing and large enough to read from several feet away.  Don’t use one which has been used in one of the above examples.
  3. Like unique authority the 10th Amendment secures for the states, your college has its own colors, culture, and mascot.  Use your school’s color scheme so that others at school events will recognize your school pride and be more interested in learning about your chapter.

One size never fit all for this country, and I similarly expect each chapter’s shirts to look different.  

If you have any questions, find me on your local social media hub or contact me by email rather than simply commenting here.  Once your design is approved, I’ll contact YAL HQ to figure out the best what to get your half of the donation to you.

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