Want to Really Win with Freedom?

Effectively engaging in the political process is easier said than done.  That’s where Year of Youth comes in — to help you win on principle.

Today I’m excited to share with you a short video of a Year of Youth success story — Andrew Sharp.  Just 24 years old, Andrew was the Campaign Manager for Jim Forsythe 2010, one of New Hampshire’s newest State Senators on the front lines for freedom.

If you want to win with freedom like Andrew, I have two steps for you:

  1. Join the Year of Youth project today to receive future important updates.
  2. Get training: Use the promo code “YAL” to attend the Leadership Institute’s Future Candidate’s School for just $50!

When you use the promo code “YAL” to register for the school, you’ll receive $150 off the normal price, plus receive FREE meals and lodging!

If you want to win like Andrew, make sure you join the Year of Youth project and register for L.I.’s Future Candidate School.

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