War: Avoided!

There is a breaking new development in the Iran debacle:

In a move that will likely drive a stake into the heart of the near-term prospects for the US-backed “crippling sanctions” against Iran, Turkey and Brazil have managed to come up with a compromise deal that provides everything the Western nations claimed to have wanted from the third-party enrichment deal in the first place.

Whether or not the US and other western allies decides to tone down their rhetoric on another round of sanctions on Iran is still up in the air. Hopefully Turkey will help to put out the warmongering flame with their key “intermediary” position:

Turkey on the other hand is an incredibly inconvenient intermediary for the war party, because they are simultaneously a key US-NATO ally in good standing and have trustworthy relations with Iran. Turkey would be obligated to return Iran’s uranium if the West fails to provide the fuel rods, and could likely be trusted to do so.

As Iran has now accepted the deal, President Obama will struggle to back out of it without doing serious damage both to his international reputation and to US-Turkey relations.

As for now, it looks like war will be avoided. However, there is still the recent shipment of bunker busters to the strategic base on Diego Garcia that has many worried. 

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