War on Youth Activism at the University of Iowa

This spring, the YAL chapter at the University of Iowa had one of our most exciting and active semesters yet! We began the semester with about six highly active members, and saw an opportunity to build our activism network through the recruitment opportunities with the War on Youth activism supplies. Unfortunately, our tabling activities were restricted to the indoors for most of the spring because of the cold weather and weeks of rain, but we persevered and hosted several great indoor tabling events, culminating in our final tabling event outside last Friday. 

Six members of our group road tripped to the ISFLC conference in D.C. hosted by Students for Liberty in February and had great learning experiences there. In March, we hosted John Zimmerman, a candidate for Johnson County Attorney, to speak to our chapter about the drug war and the absurdity of the over-prosecution policies of petty marijuana possession in Iowa. We had twelve people attend this meeting which was the highest up to that point!

We hosted several presentations throughout the semester, including topics such as “What is liberty?”, the history of the drug war, and an Austrian Economics perspective on the Bush/Obama bust. In each of these events, we were able to recruit more new members, with over 25 in attendance at the meeting with Austrian economist and professor, Patrick Barron. 

After electing a new leadership team early in the semester, our activism and recruitment efforts were greatly increased and our chapter was able to reach a large audience. We had more than 75 sign-ups in four days of tabling, without being able to participate in the spring activities fair sponsored by the university. We look forward to continued involvement in the summer, attending Freedom Fest with many of our chapter members in July, and recruiting even harder in the fall semester! 

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