War On YOUth Activism

End the War 1

On April 9, the Southern Adventist University YAL chapter presented the War On YOUth campaign in front of the student center in center campus. There, students, teacher, and others stopped by at the sight of the massive individual share of the debt. 

End the War 3

Many people were heavily caught off guard by the number alone. When it came to the “Pong Off Your Debt” game, most people chose to end the Fed more than anything, but chance had it that cutting military spending and ending corporate welfare were more important. Regardless, people quickly knew that excessive spending had to cease, so nobody complained when the ball made it.

There were dozens of new signups when people heard that the chapter would soon be hosting a three-way debate between the philosophies of conservatives, liberals, and libertarians. Tune in for next time!

Putting Up a Fight

End the War 2

Pong Off Your Debt

Debt Pong in Action

Debt Pong in Action 2

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