War on YOUth and first activism event at Sheridan College

The War on Youth activism project at Sheridan College was held at very nerve racking time for students to see what we had for fun. This event was held the Friday before finals, and we were worried that the participation would be a little slow. However, we can proudly say that the event actually had very good participation with eight new students that participated in our game of pong off your debt. We played Price Plunge and had a chance to explain to people how when “government privatizes programs it allows the prices to escalate and free markets will make the price plunge.”


I am proud to say that we had an awesome day with getting our event going even for the day that we did our grant. We even had staff members and faculty come and participate with pong off your debt. We had a lot of laughs with a faculty member that said “it would help our country a lot, if our president would try reading the constitution.” This event was great fun with two other members that are helping our club and are greatly appreciated for helping with the “War on Youth.” I give my praise and thanks to Preston and Petra.


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