War on Youth at Cleveland State University

On April 22, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Cleveland State took part in the War on Youth event. We helped bring awareness to students on their share of the national debt as well as inform them on where the government spends money. This event was our chance to reach students on a personal level and show the impact it has on their future. We got a great response from our fellow students!

War on youth  
Group pic
As part of the kit that came we had six buckets and a large banner to communicate this huge, bipartisan problem.
We told students that each bucket represented a different area the government spends money on. If they made it in the bucket they cut spending in that area. We also passed out candy, books, Constitutions, and stickers. We also promoted the free screening of the documentary in which we are co-sponsoring called “Waiting for Superman.”
Girl excited
One guy was very excited to shoot the ball. I guess he really wanted to cut spending or make it into the bucket. 
We continued to shoot the ball trying to make it in the buckets even when students weren’t around. 
Before we knew it more and more students came to see what was going on. This was a very interactive event and it helped reach many students. 
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