War on YOUth Comes to Canisius College

Officers of YAL at Canisius College

The Canisius College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty rolled out our War On YOUth event on April 23.  It was an overwhelming success as our classmates were able to clearly and easily understand the burden the government is currently placing us under.  The huge banner certainly aided in bringing attention to our table, even when they were hungry and on their way to eat!

 Interacting With Classmates

In terms of signups, we were able to get about 40 people to give us their information on paper.  We continued to push immediate online sign up for those willing, having a laptop on hand.  This is something that we feel is vital to growing our chapter here at Canisius as there often isn’t much follow up with those just giving their information on paper.  We were able to sign up three new members on the spot!

 On Site Sign Ups

The common talking point we pushed at the event was the absurd amount of debt the government continues to place on our generation.  We talked about how if things don’t start to change, our generation might not have the same chances our parents had at seeking out their dream career path.  Students certainly seemed interested/unaware of the consequences specifically for us.

Our follow up meeting was tonight, April 25.  We showed the short documentary I.O.U.S.A, continuing our theme from Wednesday involving the debt.  Several new classmates attended and I would say we have a nice bit of momentum going into summer break.  In every sense, our War On YOUth event was a success.

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