War on Youth Ends the Year Strong at Penn State

To wrap up a great semester at Penn State we held the War on Youth at campus. In the midst of great weather we held our event in the student HUB located in the middle of campus. This event went great and was one of the most entertaining for both our chapter members and for the students passing by. 

Our Table

To gather interest we had someone in the club play the debt pong game while someone else controlled the large Obama’s head. This helped bring in many students wanting to play a game of pong.  

Obama's Head

Students also found Obama’s head to be provocative causing many to come over and question what the event was about.  After a clear explanation they appeared on board with what the game was designed to do and many even played a few turns. 

Students Playing

Overall, this is one of the best events I’ve seen as a YAL member for getting the general students’ interest and in providing information on how ineffective and detrimental government regulation can be in one’s life.  

Taking a Shot

This event was a huge success for our chapter, giving us a project we were able to work on together that was fun and rewarding.  We also were able to get lots of good attention from the students at the end of the year to help start us strong next year with a new group of officers. 

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