War on YOUth Event at UW-Whitewater

War on YOUth

Last week on Wednesday, our YAL at UW-Whitewater chapter held the “War on YOUth” event. We tabled for three hours handing out flyers about crony capitalism, the Federal Reserve, and excessive government spending (Did you know the federal government spends money researching duck penises?!).  The massive debt sign raised awareness and attracted a plethora of looks. Students also highly enjoyed playing debt pong, especially throwing the balls over the President Obama fathead.   Our event was the same day as an orientation for next year students. This was an added bonus as we could inform incoming students of our organization. Several parents of incoming students were happy with what we were doing.

During our event, we had great conversations with people curious about liberty and what we were doing. Many of them couldn’t believe their share of the debt. We managed half a dozen new sign-ups and handed out all our flyers.

Debt Poster

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