War on Youth @ Old Dominion Univiersity

On Thursday, April 24, the Old Dominion University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty put on our War on Youth Event. We started at 10:00 a.m. on the lawn and stayed there until about 3:00.

The event was very successful, the wind was very intense, and led to an interesting event. We gave Constitutions and YAL materials to all of the students that were walking by. We were able to bring attention ON the War on Youth, and how YAL is fighting for young people.

The item that got the most attention was the Debt Pong game. People seemed to enjoy it and wanted to play even if they had little or no interest in YAL or the banner, but we managed to use it to hand out some more literature and start a few more conversations. We managed to get 10 sign-ups! All in all, it was a fairly successful day despite the wind conspiring against us and our many pieces of paper! We plan on continuing to use the Debt Pong game and the banner along with all of the other materials provided to us over the summer to recruit freshmen and those who are attending summer courses.

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