War on Youth @ Sierra College

Chet Hubbard and club adviser Mike Mace with the banner

On the Political Awareness Day at Sierra College, we decided to hold our War on Youth event. Needless to say, it was a very positive experience and it was generally well-received. 

A little background about myself as the president. Previously, I was the president of my college’s Political Science Club, an organization in which I intended to maintain nonpartisan stances dedicated to the study of politics. Sadly, I was the only (no joke here) member in the entire organization on the campus who was not a Marxist. After being ideologically discriminated against by both the advising professors and the students alike, I broke off and formed the YAL Chapter at Sierra College to challenge their highly partisan stances veiled as those of a supposedly “academic” club.

The Political Awareness Day event was organized by my former club and its members, and it had blatantly apparent liberal bias based on the workshops and invitations that were presented. Rand Paul famously mentioned that discrimination can be found not only in the color of one’s skin but also through the “shade of their ideology,” and I found this concept alone highly pertinent to the War on Youth that is under way both in Washington and on our college campuses. 

While there was a little awkward tension between us and what is left of our school’s Political Science Club, which I suggested to change its name to something more accurate, the event was very well-received by students (for the most part). We discussed how the insane national debt is both a national security threat and a tax that we cannot vote for, how government involvement in things like healthcare and education has only driven prices and other personal costs up, and how politicians in Washington have endangered our future. 

While some academics and their adherent students (predictably) blanched at the site of our table and resorted to the usual tactic of name-calling and ad hominem attacks, others were intrigued by it and asked great questions. Many students were very grateful to see that there was a group on campus who was interested in challenging our campus’s status quo, and signed up to join our chapter.

Overall, the event was an extremely engaging one, and I was thoroughly impressed with regards to the reading materials and resources that were so generously provided for us.  The War on Youth event was the kickoff to our club’s presence on campus, and I look forward to many more good events to come. 

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