War on YOUth @ Slippery Rock University


Slippery Rock University’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter hosted a War on YOUth event on Friday, May 2. The event was held in the quad on campus which included a table, debt banner, and debt pong. We decided as a group that the best possible location for the event would be in front of the library due to high traffic from finals week.


This banner was positioned right outside the library’s main entrance/exit and stayed standing on display for the entire weekend for all to see. We believe that it served as a powerful visual of the federal governments out of control spending. All of the students found the large figure alarming and became uneasy over the financial burden that our nation’s youth will inherit. (Let’s just hope this thought didn’t add any extra stress on top finals week!)

SRU Students

Despite the wind, cold, and rain that western Pennsylvania weather brings, our event was still able to draw a crowd. This allowed our members to engage the students in discussion and help them draw their own opinions over the wasteful, deficit spending in Washington. Our SGA president even came out to test his skills.

SGA Pres.

The event was an overall success for our group with over 5 new sign-ups and countless other students who showed their interest by asking questions, taking literature, and voicing their own opinions over the matter. This event was very fun for everyone and will serve as a stepping stone to come back stronger next semester with a strong presence on campus!

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