War On Youth & the Failed War on Drugs

On April 25, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Young Americans for Liberty conducted out activism event, “War on Youth,” to alert fellow students to the massive debt which our government has, how that debt has been accumulated, and to have fun while doing it.


During the event IUP YAL officers engaged students in dialogue on the national debt in a positive manner, and many students had fun playing the game which was provided. During the event, we also promoted a screening of America’s Longest War, which is an honest account of the racist origins of the drug war and how both political parties have been continuing this systemically racist, flawed, and wasteful policy failure.


This policy failure, despite Obama’s empty promises, continue to go on. It results in the breaking apart of families, creating more single-parent homes in the process. This policy failure is a claim by old politicians that they know better than we do on how to engage in our pursuit of happiness, and the pursuit of painting our wishes and desires into reality.

A few more troubling components to this would be that , as America’s longest war pointed out, the drug war has created a horrific incentive system which has resulted in more resources being used to caging people for marijuana use than are used to solve murders and other violent crimes.  This has resulted in where we are today, with an approximate 20% decrease in the solving of murder cases, in spite of the advances in technology, and because of where resources are currently incentive to be used(on breaking apart families, and caging marijuana users). 

Overall, the events were largely successes.  More than 40 people attended the movie screening and over 15 people signed their names down on our forms to hear more about our activism events in the future!



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