War on Youth @ Wayne State College


It was a great day for liberty here at Wayne State College on Monday, April 14! After recruiting and tabling for nearly 6 hours, we managed to get 150 students to fill out our survey. The survey consisted of what they considered their economic and political views as, and also how much they would realistically hope to make in their first job following graduation from college. Also set up at the table was “Pong off Your Debt with Obama,” part of the War on Youth activism kit.

Young Americans for Liberty Setup!

The data collected from the survey was later discussed by the speaker Adam Weinberg from Nebraska’s Platte Institute for Economic Research. The topic of the presentation focused on how decisions made by our state legislature could harm job opportunities after graduation and impact our quality of life.

Speaker Adam Weinberg & Nebraska State Chair Hassan Sheikh

At the end of the day, our chapter managed to find around a dozen self-identified libertarians, while also hopefully persuading many others to consider the concept that more individual rights, civil liberties, and personal choice will ultimately lead to a freer, more prosperous country.


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