War on Youth Week @ The University of Texas at Austin

YAL UT Austin's War on Youth Week

War on Youth week for The University of Texas at Austin’s YAL Chapter was a week that revealed two things about the flagship campus:

  1. The normally liberal-dominated campus is discovering itself increasingly libertarian by taking our political identity quiz; and
  2. Everyone can agree that action needs to be taken to reduce the massive debt

Many of the passers-by at our table expressed concern for the national debt, especially after seeing the colossal liberty pong solo cups, which were more like buckets, that we were using to illustrate the size of the national debt.

When we couldn’t get the busy, world-changing Longhorns to take a break in their schedule to play a round of liberty pong, we handed out plenty of literature and infographics to those that wanted to learn more by themselves. Among those books taken were The Morality of Capitalism, Why Liberty, The Case for Gold, and tons of flyers titled “What is Libertarianism” and “What is YAL,” which illustrate our ideological similarities with and differences from the left and right and describe the national organization’s objectives and mission, respectively.

Moreover, War on Youth Week wasn’t the only week where we tabled to raise awareness about the national debt. A few weeks prior to YAL’s National War on Youth Week, we tabled with our local Democrat and Republican groups under coordination from an advocacy organization called Up to Us, which empowers university students through a semesterly competition to create their own on-campus advocacy group to raise awareness and engage their peers about the threats a large national debt poses to our economic well-being.

This tabling event, too, was quite successful in both recruiting for our local chapter and national debt awareness promotion. We easily gained twenty sign-ups throughout the few hours we were out there and promoted liberty plenty in the process!

Overall, these two national debt events were successful in bringing the University of Texas community together on an issue that every party has a stake in reducing, for the sake of ourselves and our yet-unborn children. It’s going to be an uphill battle getting people to choose liberty as the way to eliminate the national debt. But, as Sam Adams said “It takes an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men” to prevail! That’s just what we intend to be here at The University of Texas at Austin!

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