Washburn University YAL Chapter Tabling — Spring 2014

YAL Table

We recently had our Spring semester tabling at the Connect and Select Fair in Washburn Room A at the Memorial Union. We had a decent location, a table laden with plenty of books and pocket Constitutions, and the World’s Smallest Political quiz with a full-sized poster of the results grid complete with famous political figures. We came prepared to spread some knowledge and liberty. At the table we had chapter President, Matthew Becker (depicted in top photo), Hamad Nooh (the man behind the camera), and Brian Ashley (depicted in the bottom photo).



Handing out books

The big draw to our table was the political quiz. People enjoyed learning where they stood on the political spectrum and discussing what that means with us. Some people had their thoughts affirmed, while others were genuinely surprised about their results. It was a great way to get people thinking and made them willing to listen to our message. 

Students, faculty, and a group of future Washburn students all dropped by. It gave us the opportunity to talk with many diverse people about libertarianism. We ended up tabling for an additional 20 minutes because people heard what we had to say and liked our message. We had a person sign up for our group but, more importantly, we got people talking about liberty.

The Connect and Select Fair may be over but our events are just beginning. On March 5, 2014 we have Dr. Tom Woods coming to give a presentation on the 2008 financial crisis and what can be done to prevent it happening again. We have also begun doing interviews with faculty members who have in depth knowledge into the revolutions in Venezuela and Ukraine to promote awareness of the situation. This semester is shaping up to be a productive one!

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