Washburn University YAL Chapter War on Youth- Spring 2014


On April 16, the Washburn chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held our event for the War on Youth. Since there are many aspects to the War on Youth we thought it would be best to take on what we considered the biggest problem: youth voter apathy. Our solution to the problem was to highlight why it is important for young people to get involved in the voting process and provided a convenient way to get registered to vote.


Once we had decided to focus on youth voter apathy and to offer voter registration we quickly got to work coordinating the event with the school and election commission. Both were happy to help and were excited that we trying to get more young people involved in the political process. We had planned to hold the event outside on the campus and provide music and games to get people’s attention. The goal was to create a fun environment that encouraged people to register to vote regardless of political affiliation. 


Despite the wind causing us to move our event to the Union, the campaign was a success. We set up the pong game to attract attention, had members actively engaging our fellow students, and offered chocolate to those who participated. We utilized many tabling techniques our members learned from the Leadership Institute’s training in Kansas City which helped us to be more successful. We managed to register several first time voters, help a couple of others to update their voter information, and managed to recruit a few more people to our chapter. We had a good afternoon spreading liberty.

Hamad setting up

Signing Up

Our chapter has been active this semester. When not planning an event we have members attending events like conventions in Arkansas and the Leadership Institute’s training program. Our chapter is invested in being more effective at recruiting new members and spreading liberty!

Gaining support

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