Washburn YAL Obamacare Debate

The Washburn University YAL chapter had a debate over the new health care law on September 21 for Constitution Week. It was held on campus in Henderson building room 107. We had a good attendance of about 20 people.

Washburn YAL Obama Care Debate 4

Dr. Byrne and Dr. Ball both debated the new health care law; they are both economic professors at Washburn University. In attendance was the student media from the Washburn Review and a local news station, Kansas First News. Each debater gave a 15 minute opening statement on their stance pertaining to the ACA. Then they went back and forth for 5 minutes followed by rebuttals which lasted for a significant portion of the debate. The debate ended with a question and answer session.  

We recruited quite a few people after the event. Overall the event was quite a success and was able to help others learn more about the new health care law. We were unable to get the video in time but we will post it as soon as we get it so everyone can see the debate!

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