Washburn’s Young Americans for Liberty Recruitment Drive

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Washburn University’s Young Americans for Liberty has launched a Recruitment Drive series for the fall semester. As a member of this organization, it is crucial for my chapter to work within the bounds of our mission; which is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to “winning on principle.” After attending the Sixth Annual Young Americans for Liberty National Conference, members of our chapter have been ready to engage the state of Kansas to promote liberty and freedom.


Since the semester started, our plan has been to make an impact by creating a free speech wall. The wall has been created by my friend, Brian Ashley. The benefits of creating a free speech wall is not limited to engage the student body, rather, it was intended for other YAL chapters across the state to utilize this wall to promote first amendment issues, and embrace Constitution Day.


Our first event has generated a positive feedback from students and faculty members alike. During our Free Speech wall event, we created a lemonade stand called “Lemonade for Liberty” to attract incoming students. In addition, we have managed to distribute flyers regarding our meeting times, as well as pocket Constitutions and Tom Palmer’s Why Liberty.


After our Free Speech Wall event was done, our chapter has decided to plan an event that is related to the consequences of the drug war. As liberty-minded individuals, we believe that the war on drugs has caused the rise of black markets, unjustly targeted minorities, and is another form of the government’s way to tread on our civil liberties.

Dr. Paul Byrne, an economics professor of Washburn University has agreed to conduct a lecture called “Let’s be Blunt about Blunts.” In this event, Dr. Byrne will be speaking about the economics of prohibition, the benefits of marijuana legalization, and the morality of legislating human behavior in a free society. As a result of our hard work, I had people texting me and emailing me about the importance of our event, and our college newspaper, the Washburn Review, published a front-page article citing my opinions regarding the consequences of the drug war!










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