Watching Can We Take a Joke? at UNLV

The YAL chapter at University of Nevada Las Vegas had an activism adventure on Freedom Day. We had a few kinks in the road on our way to the premier of the film Can We Take a Joke? We had problems keeping our original venue and our speaker bailed 3 hours before the showing. However, thanks to our awesome members and state chair, we were able to still have a successful event. 
We had Jason Weinman from the Libertarian Party of Nevada speak to approximately 25 students and some family members about why free speech is so important, especially at colleges. Along with our t-shirts and pocket constitutions up for grabs, we had a lot of pop corn, pizza, drinks, chips and salsa! All of which were snatched up by the end of the showing. 

Everyone really enjoyed the film and had a great time talking about it afterwards. We took a bunch of “photo booth” type photos at the end with some explicit content speech bubbles. We were able to expand our chapter in many ways and many directions thanks to this showing. 

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