Water Bombs Against the AUMF

   Monday, September 25, we at University of the Cumberlands YAL stepped up and got soaked in order to support reigning U.S. foreign policy back under the bounds of the Constitution where it belongs.  Our YAL chapter made a splash with students as well as with administration, working to preserve all student groups’ abilities to express ideas through events on our campus. 

   UC’s YALers grabbed a cooler full of grenade-colored water balloons and some signs and urged passing students to chuck their bombs straight at the club members.  Each target bared signs with the names of countries the U.S. is involved in militarily, one including the cost of the Afghanistan war to date in both dollars and military lives.  This exercise allowed us to discuss the ease with which the U.S. has gotten involved in these countries, bypassing its Constitutional duty. 

   Inspiration for YAL chapters got rolling in the wake of Senator Rand Paul’s recent movement to sunset the Authorizations for Use of Military Force.  These measures, passed back in 2001 and 2002, have allowed sitting presidents to engage in military action on foreign soil without the consent of Congress.  Liberty Warriors around the Commonwealth are collecting signatures on letters of support and thanks to the Senator Paul for his courageous stand against Unconstitutionality and abdication of responsibility taking place.  Through this “Bombs Against the AUMF” event, YAL was able to collect several new contacts as well as more than 20+ signatures on the letter to the Senator.  

   The event also allowed YAL to begin to confront and shape activism policy here at the University of the Cumberlands.  Halfway through our scheduled event time, we were called and informed by the Campus Activities Board that they had received complaints about our event and were instructed to shut it down for the day.  During a first discussion our group was told to wait to resume the event on a later day after a meeting had occurred.  However, YAL leadership pushed to move the meeting up and stressed the importance of events such as the bomb-event even in the face of unpopularity.  The event was resumed in the afternoon and more students were reached with the message of sober foreign policy.  

  “Bombs Against the AUMF” was another resounding success from a very active Young Americans for Liberty chapter.  This spotlight and monopoly on activity is providing fertile ground in sewing the seeds of Liberty in students’ minds.  The attention from Student Services is also a hidden opportunity for YAL to be a key influence in affecting Cumberlands’ young policy regarding student groups. 

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