Wayne State University Open House

March 25th is my birthday, I was really excited that morning and in my excitement I drove too fast on my way to Wayne State and got pulled over. Luckily I had gotten my YAL Activism kit the day before and kept one of the “how to deal with police” cards handy. Luckily the officer just let me off with a warning but i ended up being late to the Open House.

When I got to Wayne, l talked to the staff member organizing the Open House and he showed me where the YAL table would be and as luck would have it, we got placed right next to the “Young Socialists of Wayne State”. 

This of course was hilarious considering the fact that all of the people at their table were well into their 40s and above. 

While the Open House was fairly weak in terms of attendance, our table still managed to get a good amount of signatures, even with the socialists trying to give out false information about YAL to people that came to our table. 

At the end of the day the “Young Socialists” had gathered a total of 3 signatures, and all 3 of them were the 3 people at their table.

Liberty is on the rise, and every day more people are joining our movement!

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