We are…Liberty! Marshall University Recruitment Drive

The fall semester started off with a successful recruitment drive here at Marshall University! Our YAL chapter had the opportunity to table at our school’s recfest and it was an amazing opportunity to talk to students, faculty, and local community members about the ideals of liberty. Through our tabling and PR efforts we got between thirty and forty new sign-ups!

Chris tabling at RecFest!

Though our meeting took place during what appeared to be a hurricane, we had a good turn-out from students. We started off the meeting by asking everyone to take a name tag and not only put their names, but also what they thought to be the liberty currently most in danger of being taken away by our government. It was astounding to see the variety of answers. Its ranged from civil liberties to economic freedom, free speech, gun rights, and more. We did this activity to illustrate to our audience how important it is to be educated and involved in what is going on in our government. It also illustrated the motley array of issues important to our group.

Pat and Dustin share their military stories with the group!

This led into our meeting, where we kept it simple. Explaining YAL, the basic principles of the our philosophy, and examples of our activism. We then jumped into upcoming plans and opened the floor to any ideas of projects not already developed. To wrap up we stressed the importance of self-education and taking action, particular in getting involved in local elections.

We had the honor of hosting U.S. Senate candidate Pat McGeehan. He spoke to us about the importance of young people getting involved and coming together to educate the community. He also stressed the importance of our constitution and shared his personal favorite economic philosophers with us. He turned out to be a huge fan of Austrian Economics — who knew!

Pat McGeehan talks with our chapter about the constitution and Economic Philosophy!

The most touching moment to me was when Pat brought up his military experience and how it has effected his personal philosophy. One of our very leadership team members, Dustin Murphy, is a war veteran. It was amazing to see both of their perspectives and the respect between the two. It was not all a jolly affair. Dustin moved the group with his explanation of his involvement in the liberty movement and how his motivation came from his combat experience.

Talking to our new members about our upcoming plans for the semester!

We ended our meeting by finishing up the rest of the pizza and socializing with members of the community who had come to listen. Our next meeting will take place this Sunday, September 8th at 7:30 in Corbly Hall 105! We hope to see everyone so we can begin planning our free speech wall!

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