We can change the world, but we have to try

I usually disdain the sort of wishy-washy cliches’ favored by Daytime TV, “cosmo libertarians,” and naive,  government-worshipping celebrities. To be blunt, repeatedly falling back on useless lines like “live, laugh, love” probably undermines one’s ability to actually do those things.

But there is one such cliche’ that gets me, *ahem,* rather sappy in  Gandhi’s “be the change you wish to see.”  This beautiful, succinct quote is remarkable because it’s completely true.  All the government’s ipso-facto instruments of murder, and ipso-facto acts of murder would cease to exist if the people whose consent they depend on rejected it.  Libertarians are the best chance to lead the people of the world in a credible, pro-peace direction.  Each and every one of us has an important role to play in this, provided we speak boldly and unequivocally about our ideals.

And if you don’t believe that individual libertarians can have an effect, please check out the remarkable story of this new concientious objector on AntiWar.com. This young man was committed to “service,” prior to reading Rockwell and Rothbard, among other libertarians.  But he heroically has “become the change” he wishes to see.

Will you stand with him?

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