We Can Take a Joke at LDSBC

April 13th, 2016 was a big day across the nation as hundreds of YAL chapters joined in fighting for free speech. That fight found its way to downtown Salt Lake City, Utah in a couple of places.  At LDS Business College, we had a great time talking to people as the blood drive next door pulled people in for us.  We even signed up one of the workers at the blood drive!
 Can We Take a Table?
Luckily, events aren’t in short supply in Utah.  Not only were we able to sign many people up for YAL, but we also promoted multiple events happening this week in Salt Lake City.  Later that day, the chapter at the University of Utah screened Can We Take a Joke? We are also prepping for our state convention this Saturday, and we made sure people know about that.
Can We Table a Joke?
One thing that we found amazing is that even at a small college like LDS Business College, there are always more people to talk to. We were blown away when we saw how many people simply didn’t know about Young Americans for Liberty. The more we put ourselves out there, the more people we find that they are interested in joining the liberty movement. We are excited to continue to spread the message of liberty.
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