We Can’t Let the Situation Get Any Worse!

In light of the recent revelations published by the Guardian, we all owe Edward Snowden a huge thank you for taking a stance for liberty when it was much needed.  But we also must remember that if we stay silent and no action is taken by Congress, this ugly surveillance situation could get worse. Quite literally, that would be the absolute worst outcome of Snowden’s efforts. A lack of action would be a sign to the government that the American people don’t care about privacy — and that we might as well leave our bathroom doors open, too.

The StopWatching.Us Coalition is an online movement geared to prevent just that.  It is not your typical online petition that never gets any real attention from Congress.  Rather, this one carries large associations with it including Mozilla, the company that gave us Firefox, and Tim Berners-Lee — oh you know, he only invented the Internet!  And by the looks of it, big media names such as Business Insider, seem to think it might just stand a chance.

The StopWatching.Us Coalition asks for an email address, name and postal address and they send a letter to your congressman for you. They also encourage calls to Congress. While still in its early days, the coalition is starting to gain momentum.  While polls say that a little over half of Americans do not oppose PRISM or the NSA illegally seizing the phone records of million of Americans, let that not discourage us from voicing our opinion and fighting for liberty. 

Snowden’s efforts cannot pass in vain.  Remember when the people stopped SOPA?  Let’s stop PRISM too and put an end to a secret, unlawful government.

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