We did it! Approval and our first meeting!

Our first Meeting! From Left to Right, David Leavitt, Peter Parsley, Audrey Gutensohn and Josh Robinson

On Sunday, February 9, Young Americans for Liberty at Rollins College held our first official, school-sanctioned meeting! It took quite a while to get school approval for the chapter, but we finally met all of their requirements in late January and held our first meeting almost immediately after. We are still working on recruiting, but our first meeting was held at a restaurant across the street from campus and we were joined by the chair of the Seminole County Libertarian Party, David Leavitt. After we discussed our plans and hopes for the chapter, we discussed red light cameras and the NSA at length with David. We are very grateful for his support. 

Moving forward, we are still recruiting. The chapter Vice President, Peter Parsley, is active on our social media pages, and we were lucky enough to steal an activism coordinator, Stephanie Sorbel, from YAL at University of Georgia. Our next meeting is on Sunday, April 13, and we’re grateful for the support of a couple of liberty minded professors who will be guest speakers at our future meetings. We will also be tabling on Monday, April 7. 

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