We don’t need the government to tell us to go green

Obama’s plan for more laws increasing oversight on pollution and other environmental issues is, as we all know, something that would not only be destructive to the American economy, but also not in the least useful in dealing with the real problem of pollution (see this article from the Campaign for Liberty).  So what is the answer?  The free market!  Now more than ever, the free market is calling for green energy, and we have another example of that right here at Wake Forest University.  Consider this article from our local paper, the Winston-Salem Journal, of which the following is a segment:

Biodiesel is not likely to replace gasoline as the main source of transportation fuel in most of our lifetimes.

But researchers at Wake Forest University are convinced that they have a formula for a catalyst that could lower the cost of producing biodiesel enough so that it could provide 5 percent of the nation’s needs.

“If we, as a nation, can do that, that’s enough biodiesel to replace the need for oil from a country such as Iraq,” said Abdessadek Lachgar, a chemistry professor at the university and one of two officials supervising the project along with Marcus Wright, a lab manager and investigator in the biodiesel work.

Lo and behold, these professors didn’t need the government to step in and tell them they had to research biofuels, or else!  But how is this possible?  The fact is that there is a market demand for green energy and green products.  We don’t need the government coming in and forcing it down our throats!  Of course, I am of the opinion that those in power don’t actually care about this market demand, all they really want is tighter control of the American economy, and they will use environmental reasons to claim the “moral high ground” to do so.  So, take that for what it’s worth.

I’d love to hear some discussion on this issue, as it’s one of which I’d like to become more informed.  Any takers?

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