We don’t torture our enemies; we send drones.

Or airplanes work too — it doesn’t have to be drones. Afghanis in Farah are currently rioting over a U.S. air strike they claim killed nearly 150 civilians:

Shouting “Death to America” and “Death to the Government”, thousands of Afghan villagers hurled stones at police yesterday as they vented their fury at American air strikes that local officials claim killed 147 civilians… A local official Abdul Basir Khan said yesterday that he had collected the names of 147 people who had died, making it the worst such incident since the US intervened in Afghanistan started in 2001. A phone call from the governor of Farah province, Rohul Amin, in which he said that 130 people had died, was played over the loudspeaker in the Afghan parliament in Kabul, sparking demands for more control over US operations.

AntiWar.com reports that after initially denying any responsibility, the U.S. military is now “conceding that ‘at least some of the casualties were caused by the air strikes.’ Though they have yet to completely rule out the convoluted Taliban conspiracy whereby they massacred hundreds of civilians with hand grenades, stuffed their bodies into civilian homes then tricked the United States into bombing them, one official admitted the claims were ‘thinly sourced.'” Read the rest here.

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