We Stand With Apple

An assault on the civil liberties of all Americans occurred earlier this month when the Federal Bureau of Investigation demanded that the Apple Company create a new software that would allow the law enforcement agency access to any of Apple’s products, even if they were password protected.  Heroically, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, refused the demands of the Federal Government and promised to fight this egregious request as long as he could.  In an effort to inform our fellow students of the significance of this event, as well as to show support for Apple’s decision we at Capital University decided to hold a “Stand With Apple” day on our campus.
Sending A Message
With the help of a local flag vendor and some expert activism techniques recently shown to our chapter by Leadership Institute reps, we were able to have the most successful tabling demonstrations of our chapter’s history.  Setting up in the highly trafficked student union lobby we created an simple poster board display with comical balloon posters to attract the attention of students and had flash fliers summarizing the issue ready to hand out to passing students. 
Students Show Support
Our biggest success came from the production of our revamped take on the iconic “Come and Take it Flag” which turned out to be a hit with students.  Many passing by students stopped to get their picture with the flag and show their support of Apple’s actions. The image quickly went viral and requests from around the country have poured in asking how to get a similar flag.  In a manner of hours the image was even picked up by the national media outlet Rare America, and used in one of their articles on the subject.
National Attention
After a successful day of tabling we were graced with a well-attended meeting were we discussed the implications of the FBI’s actions and the potential implications it might set for the right to privacy in America.

To further spread our message our chapter took the flag with us to the 9th annual International Students for Liberty Convention in Washington D.C. and gave students and speakers from all over the world the opportunity to show their support by getting a photo graph with the flag.  The right to privacy enjoyed mass popularity at the convention and was a hit on social media. 

We are currently working with other YAL chapters in the network to distribute similar flags so the message can spread even further.  It is time to let America know that students support Apple standing up for our privacy rights.

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