We Still Outnumber Them…

…”we” being the people of the United States and “they” being the federal government, argues Mark R. Crovelli on LewRockwell.com today. Crovelli contends that the question is not whether Americans can take back control of their government, but whether they have the will to do so.  Unlike other oppressed peoples in the past, he notes:

present-day Americans are armed – both literally and figuratively. In the figurative sense, Americans have at their disposal sources of information about the sordid activities of their so-called “rulers” like never before in human history. They have news outlets at their disposal that tirelessly chronicle the Federal government’s ongoing crimes on foreign and domestic soil. They have institutions at their disposal that make the acquisition of genuine knowledge about economic and political theory completely accessible to anyone with a computer. That not all Americans have taken advantage of these priceless sources of information is irrelevant – the very fact that they exist and continue to faithfully execute their individual missions means that the American public can arm itself with the truth whenever it so chooses…

Add to this the fact that private Americans are literally armed to the teeth (and are continuing to arm themselves at a feverish pace today), and you have a people that could never, ever, be subjugated by the Federal government or any other menace – as long as Americans choose to refuse to allow themselves to be robbed or otherwise dominated by far-away places like Washington D.C.

Americans need to choose to make the federal government treat us like citizens rather than subjects once again. Whether we have the ability to do so is not the question.

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