Weekly Meeting: 2-6-13

The New Mexico State YAL Chapter met tonight to talk about the AWESOME time we had at the Texas YAL State Convention. The members who went came back energized and full of ideas about how we can create awareness, and got everyone ready and excited to keep fighting for the cause of liberty.

We also talked about our plans to get regular tabling going on campus on the same days we are meeting.  Today, we saw just how well that will work with one of our largest turn-outs ever.

Finally we had some guest speakers, from the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Mexico, talk about how we can get involved with supporting liberty at the Republican Party at the state level.  They were eager to get liberty-minded individuals registered and involved in the Republican party.  They had great energy and had many of our members charged up and excited to get involved.

Keep your ear to the ground for more information.  We’ll keep YAL informed here and on Facebook!

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