Welcome Freshman to Liberty!

Table Layout

The "World's Smallest Political Quiz" left many people surprised (and baffled!) that they had libertarian leanings.

Sunday, August 26th marked the best opportunity for a student organization to recruit new members through the Northern Illinois University “Welcome Days.”  The program encourages freshman and transfer students to visit booths of the 200+ organizations at the fair.  The YAL booth was in with the political organizations registered through the student association.  Our booth was next to the College Democrats and a non-existent College Republicans booth.  After a sneaky and ninja-like reconnaissance mission, I realized we had nearly twice as many sign ups as the Democrats!  How many of the Democrat sign-ups were deceased Chicago voters, will remain a mystery.  

Our booth was so popular, the NIU administration gave our booth a second table (only org with two)

At our booth we handed out After the Welfare State as graciously provided by Students for Liberty, leaflets with our contact info and next meeting and a variety of YAL-issued informational cards.  Our message of liberty, free speech, activism and free markets resonated with a great number of students.  The handouts and quiz provided a great chance to get students to stay occupied at our table while we were able to promote our group and activities this semester.

Signing up 2 freshman and fielding questions

Our officers are now actively following up with all sign-ups, encouraging them to take the next, vital step to become a dues paying member for YAL and attend our first meeting.  The financial and leadership resources provided by YAL drew considerable notice by other organizations, including the NIU Student Association, where we secured space and resources to host a Constitution week September 10 to17.

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