Welcome, Mark Zuckerberg, to the world you created . . . like it or not.

When recently asked about his company’s privacy problems, Mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook, stated “the age of privacy is over.” Sadly for Mr.Zuckerberg, he didn’t know how true that statement would turn out to be.

The well known Hollywood gossip website Gawker combined with another website known as Valleywag to start a new campaign to photograph the Facebook CEO everywhere and anywhere he goes and put it up on the web. Photos ranging from him at a park to sitting at home have all been put together and posted at Gawker in an attempt to destroy any privacy that Zuckerberg might have.

“Facebook’s CEO doesn’t seem too preoccupied about your privacy, or about ours,” says Ryan Tate, editor of the gossip website Valleywag, which posted the photographs. “Likewise, we weren’t bothered by the notion of tailing him around the Valley for a few days, or about sharing the experience with you…

“If it feels a little naughty to take such a close look into Zuckerberg’s life, remember that this is the executive who pushed the private information of Facebook’s hundreds of millions of users progressively further into the public sphere,” Tate said.

Though I doubt much will actually change from this, I applaude these bloggers for standing up for the right of privacy, though — ironically — their careers are spent destroying it for the Hollywood elite.

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