Welcome the new Fed – the Health Fed…

As I’m a nursing student, our nation’s health care news is of particular interest to me since it dictates my future; and of course, each and every one of us cares about our health (I hope!). So, I am introducing to you a new kind of Fed. First, lets talk about the old one. America’s money has long been under the monopolized control of a private institution that we misleadingly call “Federal”, which thus far has helped to bring about the current downfall of the American economy. Having left the gold standard and given up the rights to determine our own monetary policy, we’re at last seeing the system crash. Newly appointed head of the Office of Health Reform, Tom Daschle, now wants to model a new health care system after…the Federal Reserve Board (read his book “What We Can Do About the Health Care Crisis, or one of Daschle’s Articles here for more details). There is not doubt that our health care system leaves something wanting; largely due to government-supported managed care monopolies among other things; but are we heading in the right direction? Is the answer to create a new, government-supported centralized monopoly for yet another, singular private organization to dictate our health care now? Privatization and free markets are one thing, a government sponsored monopoly of a private organization is not the same. The Federal Reserve was a bad idea, why can we expect a Federal Health Board modeled after it be better?

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